Lindsey Krassin is a digital artist and animator based out of Seattle, WA. She has worked both in studio environments and as a freelance artist, managing as a character animator and designing and creating interactive children's books. Lindsey currently teaches animation and game art at the Art Institute of Seattle in addition to her freelance digital art work. When not working, Lindsey likes to sit as still as possible and contemplate the universe. When she grows up, she hopes to be a Muppet.

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"Lindsey is an artist through and through. She has sensitivity to all that she touches. Working with her as an animator, I was always excited to see what direction she could take a character and was never disappointed. She has the thorough understanding of the animation fundaments which then allows her to break the rules and take the chances that payoff. In three words…she is awesome"


Tonya Lyle-Glaister

Lead Animator at Flying Lab Software


"Lindsey is a really talented animator as well as a creative thinker and artist. She's also incredibly enthusiastic about communicating with the gaming audience as an event representative and takes a great deal of joy in her job. She contributed a lot to Pirates of the Burning Sea and was always a pleasure to work with!"


John Scott Tynes

Imagine Cup Competition Manager at Microsoft Academic Engagement


"I worked with Lindsey for many years before I became her direct manager. Recruiting Lindsey onto my team was one of my top priorities when I started putting together the Amazing Tales project. Lindsey is skilled and talented, but more importantly she's a joy to work with: she's personable and friendly, and has valuable insights to offer on animation as well as the project as a whole. I was very sad to lose Lindsey, and strongly encourage anyone looking for an excellent animator or character artist to hire her; she will be an asset to your organization"


Kevin Maginn

Lead Designer at Rainspark Labs


"Lindsey is a talented 3D artist, and consistently produced top-notch animation work for the projects we worked on. She is able to coordinate very well with designers, taking input on how a particular character or aspect worked in the design and fitting that into a high-quality end product. Lindsey has a great, upbeat personality and would easily fit into any group of professionals"


Bryan Yarrow

Game Designer at Cryptic Studios


"Lindsey is the kind of person that everyone wants to work with. She's an excellent animator, and she leads by example. I recommend Lindsey as an artist, and as a leader. If I were building an animation army, I would make Lindsey at least a Major, if not a Colonel.."


Brad Warren

Character Animator


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Recommendations: "When I first joined Flying Lab we were forming a new team for a very challenging project, developing a children’s MMO from the ground up. Lindsey asked to join the project, knowing full-well it would be a difficult haul. She started as an Animator and was soon promoted to Animation Lead. She is extremely talented in both 3D and 2D animation, and is highly creative and collaborative. As an Animation Lead Lindsey is hardworking, organized, detail-oriented and a strong, dependable leader. I highly recommend Lindsey to any animation team and would very much enjoy working with her in the future." Cindy Ball
Senior Project Program Manager at Microsoft

"Lindsey is an exceptionally talented illustrator and animator. She's smart, creative, and a great collaborator. I will continue to work with her for years to come."


Jess Lebow

Lead Game Designer at Sine Wave Company